Tools I use to build and monetize my blog
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Tools I use to build and monetize my blog

Tools I use to build and monetize my blog

Since I started my Hustlers Blog Challenge (build and monetize a blog in 100 days), a lot of people have asked me what specific tools I use to monetize my blog.

(*Please note that some of these are affiliate links. If you choose to use them I might get a small compensation that will support me running this blog.)

There are several different options and you should always research what the best options would be for you. Some of these might only be available for people in Denmark, but you will probably have other tools available to you. Let me know if you have any questions about how I found these, but a good internet search will take you a long way.

Here are the exact tools I use to build and monetize my blog;

Domain and webhosting is where I bought and have my domain hosted. I’ve tried other platforms but for some reason, they didn’t work for me. Most of them seemed to complicated in their user interface for me to find anything. on the other hand, is more logical and simple to use in my opinion. That’s why I’m hosting all my websites here. They also have a one-click wordpress installation and since I love to build my pages in wordpress, it feels like a no-brainer there.
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I use for building my websites. When I first got started a few years ago, I started with, not knowing these were in fact different things. It’s way harder to monetize the .com version so lesson learnt the hard way.

Advertising and sponsorships

I use google adsense on my platforms. I like that I can choose where and what kind of ad placements to include. However, I can’t really choose the exact ads that run, as that is targeted at whoever is browsing my page. It doesn’t pay much and there’s a payment threshold you have to meet, to get the money. It’s closely related to number of views though, but also the profitability of the niche you’re blogging in. It’s fairly easy to set up once you’re approved and also fairly easy to remove again if you don’t like it.

Sponsorships and paid partnerships are a different form of advertising. So far, I haven’t utilized this for any of my brands even though I’ve had offers. Full transparency, I’ve had offers since my brands were at 2,500 followers/1,500 views a month which is considered “micro influencer”. But, I will only do these if they align with my values and I would use their products myself. (For example, some offers of working with companies have not been possible in my region).

Affiliate links

At the time of writing this, I am an affiliate partner with 3 places;, Awin and Partner-ads. I haven’t at all utilized the potential in this enough yet, but as I am growing my blog, I will include affiliate links more. For me, it’s a matter of getting approved first, and then I will include affiliate links wherever it makes sense.

I know there are people who set up a lot of affiliate content, but for me I want to make sure I recommend things I want or use myself. So my content hopefully reflects that. It’s a great tool of monetizing though, as you’re compensated a little for promoting something on your channels. It’s also completely up to your community whether or not they choose to support you through buying things through your links.

Webshops and selling (digital) products

There are several options when it comes to setting up a webshop, but I am all for it being easy to implement. I use WooCommerce with Stripe on my own websites, and I have a few “stores” on Etsy as well. I like them for different reasons, but they work for my needs.
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On my first blog as well as this one, I started my webshops with having a digital product. They are both practical e-books, that people can use to further their project within that niche. Digital products have little to no barriers of entry, meaning you’re the only one gatekeeping yourself! It’s quick and not too complicated, especially if you have basic design skills (just keep it simple). I use for basically all my graphic design work, and find it so easy to use!
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That’s it!

These are the tools I use to build and monetize my blog! I don’t want to have too many things going on and when I find something that works for me, I stick with it. If I find a need for new features, I will go find those specifically, either as a plug-in for my website or an entirely new platform.

If you have any questions about platforms, tools and monetization, let me know!

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