How to make money with a mystery shopping sidehustle
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Making money with a mystery shopping sidehustle

Making money with a mystery shopping sidehustle

I started making money with a mystery shopping sidehustle in the second quarter of 2023. Here’s what I think of it.

Can you earn money with mystery shopping?

To be honest, I didn’t know how or where to start mystery shopping. What platforms to use and would they turn out to be scams or not? I had seen other finstagrammers like Helpsavemoney actively using mystery shopping as a fun sidehustle. So I wanted to try too!

I researched platforms with local mystery shopping gigs to find out if I could earn money or if it was just too hard to get into.

How to make money with a mystery shopping sidehustle

The fun mystery shopping gigs

One of my presumptions about mystery shopping was that it would be harder to get into than it actually was. I thought I might have to do “boring” tasks to get to the fun ones but really, there weren’t that many barriers of entry.

I found my first three mystery shopping gigs through a Danish platform and could only have one active task at any given time. The platform needed my information of course, but they also needed me to prove that I could perform the tasks according to the brief they sent out.

I went looking at kitchens, jewellery and had a call to make too. All quite decent tasks. In reality though, I am looking forward to jumping on one of the amusement park gigs as they are what I would love to do haha. Free adrenaline kicks and food? Sign me up!

3 months of mystery shopping

My verdict on mystery shopping as a sidehustle is that on the one platform I’m on, it’s only viable to take one task a month. There aren’t that many different gigs to sign up for every month, plus you might not be eligible for all of them. (Some tasks demand prior knowledge to a certain product).

I wouldn’t be able to scale very much, unless I also went for some of the tasks that don’t interest me very much or sound more time/effort consuming. I’ve only been taking the gigs I find to be low effort to me. Hopefully even more fun tasks will come my way soon!

One task a month isn’t very much. But I’ve made between $ 22 – $ 30 every month in Q2 of 2023. In my book, that’s a pretty alright little fun sidehustle to complement my other income sources. I typically don’t spend more than 15-30 minutes on each task either.

Will I keep mystery shopping as a sidehustle

I will most likely continue to do one mystery shopping task a month. Just to keep myself on my toes and to get that extra little $20-$30 in my account. 

If you want to know more about my current income streams and how I make money online, feel free to check out my other blogposts! 

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