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I love my job – and financial independence

I love my job – and financial independence

I love my job – and financial independence. Do you like your job? Do you dream of FIRE? Maybe you hate or dislike or just feel meh about your 9-5. Perhaps you want to escape the corporate world asap. You’re not alone there buddy!

In my Instagram stories, I asked you all “Do you like your job?”. Honestly, this proved to contain a multitude of answers, feelings and reflections on job, career, life and all your FIRE journeys!

It got me thinking of a few things, but most importantly, why I care that I am thriving in my job. Especially with years left on the jobmarket.

Why you should care about your job

Well, really you should care about how you feel about your job. Anything worse than ‘meh it’s alright’ or boring and unfulfilling but paying the bills, is not worth staying for. If you can afford to leave and find something else.

Look at it as a spectrum – if you can leave and feel alright or better than alright, I’d say you’re doing pretty good. Just make sure the pay to effort ratio is working for you too. (You can read more about pay to effort through my friend TheMoneyLoaf in this instagram post >>).

It’s about keeping your mental health as stable as possible, also when working to get out of the hamsterwheel. There’s no reasoin you should stay in a shitty job just because of the paycheck. Take yourself seriously and do what you can within your means, to find something better for you. You don’t want to be burnt out when you reach financial independence and can retire early.

Why I love my 9-5 job

Aside from the above in the slides, some things that contribute to not rushing to quit my job are;

  • Security & Sustainability: I don’t want to turn my blogs into a full time thing right now (2023). It’s too much work to get it off the ground compared to my income now and too fragile if something were to happen. Sure, I’m working on getting there eventually, but I’m in no rush to force it. Organic growth and sustainable efforts for me is the way to go!
  • Field of interest: I work in the performing arts sector and I have loved it since I was a kid, I probably couldn’t stay away anyway.
  • Lifestyle opportunity: My job provides me with rich and fulfilling conversations and experiences and people. All things that I don’t want to miss out on, to sit on a beach 5 months a year and read books. (Backstage life isn’t always glamourous but it can be fun).
  • Slow and steady FI: Earning a stable income, provide for my family and save up, slowly but steady, for being work optional and/or retiring early in perhaps 20 years (which leaves me at 50, so still pretty good in my ears)

Also not having the added stress of my business tanking if I’m not there to drive it, is another big factor. I’m “just” an employee and my pay isn’t strictly dependent on me showing up all the time, in the same way entrepeneurship would. I can take a sick day or 3, and my colleague would fill in. I also have union rights backing me up, paid maternity leave, paid sick leave and more. (Scandinavian).

So, are you fine with your 9-5?

If you’re anything like me, don’t stress over having to find a side hustle and create an online course, digital products etc. if it’s not your vibe. You can find something you’re interested in and work towards that, if you want!* Either as an income source or just a regular hobby with no pressure.

You don’t need to hate your job, to want to achieve Financial Independence and leave. We’re still allowed to have a little fun where possible.

Read more of my FIRE journey right here >>

*Apply privileges as needed. I know we all have different situations.

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