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Websites and platforms I use to make money online

Websites and platforms I use to make money online

Here are the exact websites and platforms I use to make money online and generate passive income. Well, more or less at least. It’s a wide range of sidehustles that vary in effort. So take what you need and get inspired on how you can make relatively easy money while being online.

I’ll be adding to this list of websites and platforms I use to make money online as time goes on and I find more platforms to use, so feel free to come back once in a while.

If you want me to make a complete list of all my sidehustles, let me know!

Affiliate programs:

Awin is an affiliate program that handles a lot of different companies affiliate programs. Once you’re cleared there, you can then apply for the individual companies who will decide whether to approve you or not. If you do your research, this should be fine.

Partner-ads (DK) is a Danish platform. In essence, much like Awin with different companies under one platform, where you apply to each one separately.

Websites for surveys:

Danskemeninger (DK) They have around a handful of surveys available most days. They pay out in giftcards to wellknown companies so it’s useful if you shop at any of these already. The pay per survey varies and its ok if you have some downtime. It’s not a great pay, but you can always skip the longer surveys and choose to only do the short ones.

Prolific is another survey site but they payout in cash. There’s a treshold though, not too high. The pay per survey is better but there have only been 5-10 surveys available for me per month.

Selling stockphotos:

Shutterstock sells stockphotos and other graphic content to users. I’m contributing by uploading a few photos once in a while. When your content is licensed (used/bought) by someone who wants to use it, you get royalties. It’s super easy to use their contributor app and upload directly from your phone. It’s very early days for me, so I haven’t made much yet, but if it sounds fun, definitely try it out!
Feel free to use my referral link for Shutterstock>>

Is making money online worth it?

Well, aside from my webshops, these are all the online websites where I earn a little extra. Some of them I started in 2023 onwards, so there’s not much to show you yet. But if you’re curious to know how much I’ve made from my sidehustles in 2022 it’s right here.

Some of these might not be worth your efforts or time, and some of them (like surveys) I will probably not continue with, as some of the other income streams take off. It’s all a journey though, and I’m here to share.

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