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My income streams and how much they paid me in 2022

My income streams and how much they paid me in 2022

Running a personal finance blog is going to mean numbers from time to time. To sort of introduce myself a little further, I wanted to share my income streams and how much they paid me in 2022.

I’ve heard plenty of times that millionaires have at least 7 different income streams. So when I started my personal finance journey, one of my first goals was to bring my number up to 7. It didn’t matter how scaleable the income was, but more to psyche myself into a millionaire mindset. 

I had to just open the doors for myself. Also open my eyes to the fact that there are plenty of income possibilities out there.

My 7 income streams

In all transparency – I do not make a lot of money outside of my 9-5 job. In fact, as of Q1 2023 you can see exactly how much of my monthly bills are paid by my passive income right here.

I will also not be disclosing my actual pay from my 9-5. But it’s in the ballpark of $ 48K – $ 58K (per year). I don’t receive any bonuses and promotions are not an option for me. I also can’t jobhop my way to a better pay right now. (I’m also quite happy with my job, but that’s a different post haha).

How much I earned from sidehustles in 2022

Let’s get straight into it my friends! 

Affiliate, Google adsense and webshop

As you might gather from this page, I have a blog. Well, now I have 2 that are up and running. This one only became a reality in the beginning of 2023. So here, we’re talking about my other blog where I have 1 digital product, a few affiliate links and google ads installed. This is based on not being very active with a less than 1,000 people following on instagram and less than 100 newsletter subscribers. 

Total income:

  • Affiliate = $ 0
  • Google Ads = $ 6.11 
  • Webshop sales = $ 117.28

Surveys, interest and dividends

So, surveys are timeconsuming but definitely more lucrative than doomscrolling. And I needed to hit my number of 7 income streams too. Bank interest and dividends both depend on how much money I have saved and invested, so I’m hoping this will compound over time.

Total income:

  • Surveys = $ 29.45
  • Interest = $ 29.74
  • Dividends = $ 185.86

All in all, across my non-work (= not my 9-5) income streams I made $ 368.44 in 2022. How many income streams do you have and do you calculate it?

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