I made a dollar a day in passive income
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I made $ 1 a day in passive income

I made $ 1 a day in passive income

I really did – In early March 2023 I hit one of my passive and sidehustle income goals. I made the equivalent of $ 1 per day in a year, from interest, dividends and sales from my webshops. Okay, the webshops aren’t entirely passive depending on how you look at it of course. But all that put together made me roughly $ 365 in just the first quarter of the year!

Honestly, when I started my FIRE journey in 2019 just by tracking my finances, and then by investing a little in 2020 I wouldn’t have guessed it. I mean, I made literal pennies when I started out so I thought it would take way more time.

Passive income and sidehustles making me money in my sleep

Having dividends and interest hit my account at random hours is a great feeling. Especially as they get higher. But having made a few digital products and then setting them up for sale has accellerated this income too. It really adds up and once I’m no longer actively working on a product and it sells, I count that as passive. The work is done whether it sells or not, so I would have made it whether it made me $ 0 or $ 200.

Anyway, since my investments have compounded over the past 2-3 years and I’ve also released 2 digital products (one in early 2023), I hit #DollarFI way sooner than anticipated.

It’s a great milestone on the way to ‘real’ FIRE, and it’s shown me why all progress counts! Every little bit adds up, and I’m excited for my next goal. $ 2 a day in passive and sidehustle income. Maybe I can even reach that in 2023 too!

Have you calculated your “daily rate” of passive/sidehustle income?

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