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Start our FIRE journey

Start our FIRE journey

Start our Fire journey with me and get to know us!

At the time of me writing this, I am in my early 30s, with a partner and a small child. Both my partner and I recently transitioned into working full time, after having been a student and a part time worker. We want to achieve financial independence, so we can retire early and only say yes to work, projects and people we want to say yes to.

The financial freedom in not needing 2 fulltime jobs to pay the bills, is a dream and a goal for us. We want to work, but we don’t want to *have to* work. It will be a long one, but this is where we start our FIRE journey.

The very beginning

For you to understand where we’re coming from, I should tell you a little about my personal journey. I (Penny) am the one driving this Fire at home. My partner is fully on board, but I’m the strategist in it.

When I was 18, a typical “FinanceBro” told me that investing wouldn’t be possible unless I had at least $1,500 to invest in one go. I didn’t have that kind of money to spare at that age and went traveling instead.

Flash forward to my late 20s, when I in 2019 finally picked up the interest for investing again. I was in a stable job and without much increase in expenses, I figured now was the time to start investing for real. I started tracking my Networth, and invested $75 a month. When I noticed my Networth going up a little, I was thrilled and motivated to keep increasing it. I still track it every month!

The following year, the first dividends hit my account. Then my focus was on increasing my Networth even more. Then, it grew from there. That’s where I started my FIRE journey and also discovered what Financial Independence Retire Early was. In december 2021, I started my instagram account PennyonFire to keep myself accountable. Also to track my numbers and to connect to a community of others in the pursuit of financial freedom.

Start our FIRE

To get the fire burning so to speak, we have had a good amount of money talks at home. We want to make sure that we live the life we want, while setting ourselves up for succes in the future too.

We are not going to be super frugal and DIY everything and we will not do absolutely everything we can think of, in order to make or save money. We want a sustainable, slow paced familylife, a comfortable home and a budget that allows for fun and travel too, without worrying about job security.

This is where we start, this is where we step into our dreamlife – feel free to join us on the journey!

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