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What to do when meeting limiting money beliefs

What to do when meeting limiting money beliefs

What do you do when meeting limiting money beliefs from people around you? For whatever reason, other people will project their own money beliefs onto you. As conversations about money become more normalized, we should prepare to be met with other people’s limiting money beliefs too.

“…And then we buy a boat.”

I was sitting at a lunch with my coworkers and we were talking about buying homes and other such big things. We then talked about getting a community garden since we’re moving into a new apartment and won’t have much outdoor space to ourselves. Then we talked about waiting lists as community gardens are becoming increasingly popular. Also for tiny living enthusiasts!

Then I said that we had signed up for a waiting list for a space in the marina for a boat. The thing is, we do not (yet) own a boat and we are not even remotely close to having one. But the waiting list is so long that we just signed up and figured it would be ready for us in a few years time and by then, we should have enough saved for a boat. And then I said to my coworkers; “..And then we buy a boat”. I figured that we could always get a boat the size of the space available at the time.

But my coworker, who is a few years older than me, jokingly said “Oh, someone’s got their finances in order huh?”. And I flatlined and just said “Well, yeah.” Because we do. We do have our finances in order enough for us to make this decision based on a realistic projection of our financial situation in 4-5 years.

Broke mindset or rich mindset?

A lot of people will disagree on whether or not money is a mindset matter. I think that for the most part, it is. Sure there are some things you cannot control, but if you don’t think it’s in the cards for you to ever own a boat then guess what. No boat. I however, firmly see it happening for myself and I’m not “manifesting” a boat out of thin air. I’m planning for that boat by setting up my budget to make a little space for a boat sinking fund.

I keep thinking that me wanting a boat and *knowing* that somehow I will be able to afford it during the next 4-5 years, gives me a rich mindset. I researched the costs of buying and owning and upkeep of a boat, so I’m prepared. My coworker on the other hand, probably think boats are either super expensive yachts for people with too much money. Or little dingys for fishing and nothing inbetween. I’d call that a poor mindset, because just from that one comment, they made it sound like it was an unattainable dream. That’s a limiting money belief in my opinion.

I have my finances in order

I have my finances in order, because I budget my way around it. When you know what’s coming into your account and what’s going out, you also know what’s left. Honestly I feel like it comes down to the math of having your priorities in order.

And once you’ve got those down, tackling the budget becomes so much easier. Because I want that boat.


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