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Q1 sidehustle and passive income status

Q1 sidehustle and passive income status

As I’m updating this on a monthly basis on my instagram account, I figured I’d make it a quarterly thing here.

I have (had) a few different sidehustles throughout the last year, that I wanted to try out. None of these are currently represented in this update/graphic, because they aren’t fixed in my life. Like surveys, google ads (which I have never made the payment threshold for yet lol), mystery shopping and crowdlending etc.  I’ve chosen my most consistent and passive incomes outside of my 9-5.

Sidehustle and passive income for the first quarter in 2023

I have dividend yielding stocks and I also get a little positive interest on my savings account. These I consider passive income streams since they are unrelated to my efforts. Of course they need money up front in order to work, but I am not the one working.

I include my webshop sales here too since it’s my main sidehustle. I have also made money quite passively from one of my webshops, since I average about 1-2 sales a month on a very dormant brand. I’m really hoping to revive it and see it reflected in the sales!

Anyway – without further ado, let’s get into the numbers for Q1!

Here is what I made in passive income and sidehustles in Q1 2023.

Let’s explain the numbers real quick:

  • Dividends: I’ve been focusing more on acquiring dividend yielding stocks and most of them pay out their dividends in February so it’s very high for me and also a record for me. I don’t expect the rest of the year to follow this.
  • Bank interest: I’ve received a little interest from my bank, but due to not having a big amount in savings, this amount isn’t overwhelming either.
  • Webshop sales: These have been through the roof for me this quarter! I launched my 2nd digital product overall! My first for Penny on Fire, and got 18 sales! I also sold a few of my other digital product, adding up to a $ 250+ total for Q1 webshop sales. I’m very happy about that, but have no set expectations for the rest of the year in terms of sales. We’ll see how Q2 goes and take it from there.

All in all, I made $ 500+ in sidehustle and passive income in the first quarter of 2023. I’m beyond excited about that, as it already outperformed my entire 2022!

Financial freedom is indeed a journey but I’m happy I started!

If you’re curious about my webshop, feel free to snoop around here>>

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